Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions as written here will govern your use and access to our website and its content, information and the Services provided on or via the website. These Terms and Conditions hold Chanel-hourly.us LTD and other individuals exempt from any liability or establish limits on their liability and include other vital provisions that you need to know about and should read.

Use of The Website

The company website, which includes all content, web pages, images, graphics, sounds, text, design and other types of data and/or information is provided only for informational purposes. You are allowed to view and print out the web pages for informational, non-commercial and personal use, but you are not allowed to reproduce, copy, modify, republish, catalog, or collect any of the content contained on the website without written consent from Chanel-hourly.us LTD. You are not allowed to use the website or any of its content for any type of commercial purposes, except as permitted expressly by Chanel-hourly.us LTD.

You agree that you are only allowed to use the information or data offered on the website about any investment company for your personal use, there will be no commercial use or benefit, you will use the information or data in connection with holding or making a Chanel-hourly.us LTD term and for no other purposes whatsoever. You agree you are not allowed to transfer, sell, dispose, share or distribute any of this information or data in any way or to allow such information or data to be used by or to benefit any other entity or person.

Content on the website is not meant for use by or distribution to, any individual or in any jurisdiction in which such use or distribution would be against local regulation or law


You are fully responsible for keeping any login information confidential that pertains to your account.

You agree not to try accessing or to access our company website through any unethical, unconventional or automated ways

. You are strictly prohibited from engaging in any type of activity that could interfere with or disrupt the functionality of our web pages.

Copyright and Trademark Notices

Chanel-hourly.us LTD is listed by name on a number of monitors, blogs, forums and investment websites. When posting information on Chanel-hourly.us LTD using an open communication tool as mentioned above, you agree not to distribute any type of content that would be considered threatening, illegal, abusive, harassing, defamatory, nor anything that infringes any copyright or trademark, nor contains any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, nor impersonates anyone.

All content on the website is copyright protected and controlled or owned by Chanel-hourly.usLTD or the entity or party credited as providing the content. Chanel-hourly.us LTD and all the other designated phrases, slogans, words or logos pertaining to Chanel-hourly.us LTD are trademarks owed by Chanel-hourly.us LTD, whether they’re unregistered or registered and are not allowed to be used without prior consent in writing by Chanel-hourly.us LTD. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks and/or any other marks mentioned on the website are the legal property of their specified owners.

Restrictions Placed on Use of The Website

Except as specifically provided for in these Terms and Conditions, you are prohibited from using the company website to engage in any type of unlawful activity or to infringe on the rights of Chanel-hourly.us LTD.

Furthermore, you agree that you and your agents will not:

(a) distribute, sell, transmit, post, upload, republish, modify in any manner the website content, unless you have prior permission in writing from Chanel-hourly.us LTD.

(b) Disassemble, reverse engineer, or translate the website content.

(c) Remove any labels or proprietary notices on the website content.

(d) Infringe on, plagiarize, or violate the rights of any and all third parties, to include contractor, privacy or publicity, trademark, copyright or other proprietary or personal rights.

(e) Interfere in any way with the websites operation, or with anyone else’s enjoyment or use of the website or utilize the website to facilitate unauthorized access to any other computer system, to include systems belonging to Chanel-hourly.us LTD.

(f) Transmit any harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, libelous, harassing, or unlawful material whatsoever or transmit any type of material that could encourage conduct that could be criminal in nature, lead to civil liability or in some way violate any applicable international, national, state, provincial, local regulation or law.

(g) Impersonate any entity or individual through or on the website.

(h) Scrape, lease, sell, modify, reproduce, copy website content from or market, sub-license, aggregate, or otherwise change and/or exploit commercially the website in any way other than as expressly allowed by Chanel-hourly.us LTD in writing or as allowed pursuant to any type of fair dealing, or similar provisions specified in applicable laws. Unauthorized use of any kind may subject you to legal liabilities according to applicable laws. You agree and understand that any copy you make of the content on the website that are allowed according to these Terms and Conditions, retains all copyright and any other proprietary rights and notices in the same manner and form as the original.

Availability of Products and Services

Chanel-hourly.us LTD Products and Services included or referenced on the website are for the most part available worldwide. Chanel-hourly.us LTD has the right to make all final determinations as to whether you are eligible or not for any specific Product or Service, which includes a loan or some form of financing.

Responsibility in Seeking Personalized Advice

The website is for general illustrative or informational purposes only. You are responsible for seeking your own personalized financial advice from a qualified professional prior to making any financial planning or investment decisions based on information through or provided on the website. This also includes the holding of or making a Chanel-hourly.us LTD term deposit.

Chanel-hourly.us LTD offers products and services that are all subject to the specific terms and conditions of the agreements that apply to and govern their use. In the event there are any conflicts or inconsistencies between these specific terms and conditions and the agreements that applicable to the products and services offered by Chanel-hourly.us LTD, the applicable agreements would govern.

Links to Third Party Websites

The company website may display images and contain links to third party sites. Chanel-hourly.us LTD does not control these linked sites and therefore is not responsible for the content on any linked site, which includes without limitation any link on a linked site, and/or any updates or changes to any linked site. Furthermore, Chanel-hourly.us LTD has no responsibility for web casting or other types of transmissions that are received from any of these linked sites, nor does Chanel-hourly.us LTD have any responsibility if any linked site is malfunctioning or not working properly. Chanel-hourly.us LTD provides these links as a convenience to you only and by including a link, this does not simply an endorsement from Chanel-hourly.us LTD for the site or that we are associated in any way with its operators. It is your responsibility to view and abide by the terms of use and privacy policy posted by the linked sites.

Dealings of any sort that you engage in with third parties on any linked site, including payment for and delivery of services and other representations, warranties, conditions or terms associated with these dealings are completely between you and the particular third party. Chanel-hourly.us LTD does not assume any responsibility or liability at all for any aspect of these dealings. Any personal information disclosed to or collected by the third party is governed only by the privacy policy of the third party, including any agreement or consent between you and this third party related to their collection, disclosure or use.

Use of Cookies

Chanel-hourly.us LTD does on occasion use cookies in an effort to better serve our users. A cookie is a tiny bit of information that a website places on your computer, which can be retrieved later by your browser. Cookies cannot actually be read by any other website except the one that placed the cookie there. Chanel-hourly.us LTD utilizes cookies for certain administrative purposes. Cookies allow Chanel-hourly.us LTD to store information and data that you have already given to Chanel-hourly.us LTD, so that we won’t need to ask you for it again. Cookies also enable Chanel-hourly.us LTD to determine what parts of our website users and members like most, and which parts are not as well liked. Most cookies only last through one visit or session. None would contain any information that would allow someone to contact you through email, regular mail or telephone. You can manipulate the settings on your browser to alert you when a cookie is placed or to prevent any cookies from being placed on your computer.

General Terms

The content on this website is solely the responsibility of Chanel-hourly.us LTD, which is controlled from the United Kingdom. The laws established in the United Kingdom govern your use of the site and its Terms and Conditions. You agree to consent and submit to UK jurisdiction in any dispute that might arise out of these Terms and Conditions and not take any legal action in any other jurisdiction against Chanel-hourly.us LTD as all issues are to be exclusively resolved by the court system in the United Kingdom. If any provision or aspect of these Terms and Conditions are deemed unlawful by a UK court of law, than the unlawful provision will be severed without affecting the enforceability and validity of all remaining provisions.